Center Your Attention


Who doesn’t love a beautiful centerpiece? Better yet – who doesn’t want to “wow” their guests? No matter what your budget may be, there is always a way to spruce up your tables and make your décor just as memorable as your love.
Here are a few tips that we find helpful & we think you will too:

Variety is the spice of life.
Combining different textures and shapes into your centerpieces will help to add depth to the overall table (with the help of some great linens, of course). Soft & subtle? Distressed & vintage? Stay within your theme, but remember to keep it visually interesting.

Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past.
Contrary to what your Mom may have taught you growing up, everything on your table doesn’t need to match completely- there just needs to be a flow. Choose colors that complement, not ones that work against each other. Patterns are fun, but don’t go overboard!

A little height never hurt anyone.
Wouldn’t you get bored if you saw the same thing over and over again? Think how your guests are going to feel. Use both taller centerpieces and shorter ones, interweaving them throughout the room. Depending on how many tables there are, you could even add a medium-sized centerpiece to the mix. Best thing about changing it up? It could save you a little money.

(Not too shabby, huh?)

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