Display It All


Another trend that we have grown to love are displayed seating boards and menus! These gorgeous displays are a perfect extension of the overall theme for the event. Set them in the entry way, in a visible area for everyone to see – you’ll want to catch your guests before they walk into the reception area!

Stuck between an amazing board or paper goods (escort cards, printed menus, etc.)? We love both, but here are a few reasons to consider these beauties:

They’re eye catching.

Different shapes, designs, colors & fonts – oh my! All the options could make your head spin. Choose something that’s easy to read and represents your personality. Your guests will be sure to love it.

Takes up less space.

Choosing a board means you don’t have to find an extra space. Do away with a table for escort cards and put up picture frames or a floral arrangement instead!

Less of a hassle.

These could potentially alleviate your stress – saving you time and not requiring as much to be set up. Depending on the route you take, it could even reduce the amount of money spent or even save a few trees.

Think outside of the box – make your event uniquely you!

{Photo credit: Miranda Marrs Photography & Shaun Menary Photography}

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