Gobos Galore


Most people don’t know what someone means when they refer to the word “gobo” until they actually see a picture of one. However, they have quickly become a popular item among clients. Just as uplighting or pin spotting adds a nice effect to a room, a gobo adds a custom touch reflecting the overall feel of the event.

With a variety of colors, fonts and layouts to choose from, your options are limitless. Here are some helpful tips we thought that we would share:

Choose a surface that is unobstructed and that will be in the frame for photography/videography
 Be cognizant of color choice and what will show best on the surface (your venue should have an idea of what works and what doesn’t)
Should you choose to project a gobo on the floor, keep in mind that it can possibly change the skin tone of your guests, ultimately effecting the quality of any video footage taken
 Pick a font or layout that is legible for all your guests
– Less is MORE!

We LOVE gobos and can’t seem to get enough. Are you a future bride (or client) of The Room on Main? Make sure to ask about our custom gobo design for your upcoming wedding or event!

{Photo credit: Sarah Kate Photography & Apryl Ann Photography}

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