A Grand Exit


It’s not about the grand entrance anymore – it’s all about the grand EXIT. Most people place all of the emphasis on how they arrive to their wedding, but let’s face it – all your guests are thinking about is food. Your exit marks the start of your new life together, so why not go out in style?

Rice? Good riddance.
Not only does it stick in every crevice, it’s a slipping hazard and could probably cause someone to go blind – plus it’s really just passé! Happily, brides are more creative now when it comes to their exits and we love the dried lavender or bubbles that are more popular. Word to the wise: whether you want something simple or completely over-the-top, make sure you check with your venue first to see if it’s allowed!

Don’t forget the important shots.
You can’t think about anything else other than your upcoming “wedding night” as you rush to your getaway car (carriage, bike, helicopter, etc.), and – then – you forget to smile for the camera. Listen to your photographer when he/she tells you – take your time, enjoy yourself and be natural. This will ensure some pretty awesome photos that you’ll have for years to come (and not blurred ones of the back of your head).

Take it all in.
The time has flown by – you’re wedding has come to an end. Most couples hardly get to enjoy their food, let alone relish in the idea that they are finally married. Stop. Take a minute to admire all the people in your lives that came to support you on your special day. Ponder on all the wonderful memories you just made and look forward to the new life that’s awaiting you.

{ Photographs: Heather Rowland Photography & John Cain Photography }

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