Heads Up!


We are no strangers to a fabulous head table and in fact, we’re known for our show-stopping displays. People are always “wowed” when they step foot inside The Room, with the head table in full-sight, complemented by our large windows and coffered ceilings. What’s most special is that each couple makes their head table unique, allowing their personality to shine through! From towering floral arrangements, to a simple assortment of candles – our clients always choose something tasteful and eye-catching. Weekend after weekend, we never know what to expect, but we are always delighted!

A few helpful tips:

Go all out.
To help it stand out, your head table should always be different from the rest of your guest tables. It’s also very important that you cover the entire length of the table and not just focus on specific areas.

Make sure your guests can see.
There’s nothing worse than being unable to see the person you’re talking to, so remember to choose centerpieces that are appropriate heights (high or low – not mid-size). When making your selection, if you can’t see through the centerpiece, there’s a good chance your guests won’t be able to either.

Be the center of attention.
Choose a spot right in the middle of the head table, facing the dance floor or rest of the other guest tables. You’ll want to choose a creative way to reserve those seats so that no one else sits there!
How are you going to deck out your head table?

{Photo credit: K & S Photography, Tracy Autem Photography, Ben Q Photography,
Apryl Ann Photography, Sarah Kate Photography}

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