Theme of the Night


Typically, you would think that brides are beginning to shy away from themed weddings, but we’ve recently learned just how wildly popular they are. Brides want to find the perfect concept for their wedding, to make sure it stands out from any other wedding that their guests will attend.

According to, five of the most popular wedding theme ideas are:

1. Vintage
2. Rustic Chic
3. Classic Romance
4. Ethnic/Multicultural
5. Seaside

Of course, we’re not near an ocean, but we are very familiar with the other four themes. For the couple that is having difficulty grasping their overall vision, it might be beneficial for them to choose a theme as their starting point. In fact, the crème de la crème of the wedding industry believe that focusing on a specific concept will actually make it easier when deciding on all of the details – color palette, flowers, menu and much more.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personalizing your special day and making it “uniquely you”.
The wedding (pictured above), was a Kate Spade theme – classic, simple with a pop of color and a whole lot of fun – which was a perfect representation of that couple. What theme would you say best represents you?

{Photos by: Krystle Aiken Photography}

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